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Librarians: My Heroes

14 January 2009

Whenever someone asked me what I was going to *do*  with my English lit degree, I said become a librarian. I worked in our university library in college for work-study and every summer. I had it all mapped out … life had other plans.  Twenty years and a few jobs later, I still think librarians have the coolest job in the world. The closest I’ll get to working in the library (at least for the near-term) is my office. It is covered floor to ceiling with shelves and books and looks like a library. Books are organized, cataloged, read, and remembered fondly.

Libraries are in the midst of an interesting time. The recent NEA study says more people are reading, reports last summer said more people are using the library, but the economy is not making it easy to keep going.

You’ll want to read Eva’s new post at the ALSC blog. “When Times are Tough, Librarians are Tougher.” It accepts the current economic reality, but takes a very nice glass-is-half-full approach. If you are delurking this week, stop by Eva’s Book Addiction and thank her. She’s a librarian!

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